Gold Museum

Efraín Sánchez Cabra


On 22 december 1939, the Banco de la República, the Central Bank of Colombia, purchased a 23.5 centimetres high pre-Columbian gold arte fact weighing 777·7 grams that was to become the Gold M useum's foundation stone. Described as a Quimbaya poporo, it is a masterpiece of pre-Hispanic goldwork, an object of beauty whose brightly burnished body and neck, crowned with four sphere-like or naments, rest on an exquisite cast metal tiligree base and which seems to ftoat in a space of its own. The beholder cannot but leap up in amazement, and feel joy and admiration for those who made it.

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Patrimonio; Museo del Oro (Bogotá); Historia; Adquisiciones patrimoniales

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